Virginity, When you should lose it? #lapetitemichellethoughts

Well, hello there beautiful
Lately i've been neglecting this blog of mine as always, but i'll still try to blog every now and then. And for those who are still following me, thank you so much :)

Today i want to share my personal opinion about virginity and when you should lose it. I'm not an expert with these kind of stuff, but i was inspired to write this for my 15 years old cousin who's going through puberty and some highschool dilemma and i thought maybe some of my young reader's are also going through the same thing with my cousin, so i decided to put it up here.
Anyway, most of the girls and boys i know had lost their virginity while they we're still teenagers. I know some of you would probably say "it's none of your business" yes, ofcourse it's not. I didn't write this to discriminate certain people or to tell them what to do. I'm just merely sharing my own thoughts about it.
(If you're NOT an open-minded person, then please do not continue reading this. Thank you!) 


iWhite Korea Nose Pack & Purifying Essence: Product Review

Hello everyone
i know it's been a long time since i wrote something in this little blog of mine. There's alot of things that happened to my life these past few months that’s why my blog has been on hiatus. But from now on i'll be active again :) Yay!

Anyway, do you suffer from having those annoying blackheads/Whiteheads on your nose?

I don’t have big pores and usually i don’t struggle from having black or whiteheads, but ever since i reached my 20’s i noticed that my skin isn’t that flawless as it used to be. My pores became bigger and moving in Manila city made my skin’s condition worsen due to the pollution, all those smoke and dirt getting into my pores easily.
I’ve been trying different product’s that will help me get rid of those disgusting blackheads and unfortunately i haven’t found anything that is helpful, not until now.

Do you have the same problem like me? Well no worries, ‘cause i got the perfect black/whiteheads buster for you!

Have you heard of iWhite Nose pack and purifying essence?

About this product:



Krave Cosmeceuticals 12 HD Liquid Foundation: Product Review

One of the most essential make-up product is a good foundation. As a freelance make-up artist/Aspiring youtube make up guru, it's important for me to have a foundation that has a flawless coverage that can lasts.

And today i'm going to share with you lovely ladies one of my favorite all time foundation and it's 12 HD liquid foundation from Krave Cosmeceuticals.


There's always a rainbow after a storm: Life Update

I haven't been updating this blog of mine because my internet connection is broken which i had mentioned many times on my previous blog posts. But guess what? after 1 month and 2 week's my connection is finally fixed.

Also it's not just about my internet connection that dithered me from posting anything interesting or helpful, it's also what had happened recently here at my beloved homeland Philippines.



The other day i had received a pair of Geo contact lenses and they're from

Me wearing GEO STARMISH XKP-304

I've been very ill these past few weeks that's why i haven't updated my blog that often. Also, my internet is still not yet fixed :( I apologize if i weren't able to answer back any of your comment's.


Elven Make~Up Tutorial (Halloween Make Up Tutorial)

Lately i've been procrastinating alot and i need to change it, guess i will put that as my number 1 on my new year's resolution list. Anyway, i slept at 8:00 am in the morning today due to my insomnia getting worse night by night and as i'm typing this now i'm feeling very sleepy. But i need to stay awake this whole afternoon or i wouldn't be able to sleep more later this evening.....

So while i was suffering from my sleepless nights, I finally made one Halloween make-up tutorial and it's an Elven girl. Actually, i'm planning to make a series of Halloween look's and hopefully i'll be able to finish those before November come's...
we shall see~

Here's how the make-up look's like:


Halloween Make-Up Idea: Anime ヤンデレ (yandere) Girl

Hello lovelies ,
I'm pretty excited about this coming November and it's because of Halloween! *evil grin*
Ever since i was a child i love Halloween's more than Christmas that doesn't make me weird right? i mean, come on! who doesn't like dressing up ridiculously? ^_^
And those sweet's being given for free!
Although trick or treat is never big here in the Philippines but i believe that now plenty of people are practicing it here
Today i was inspired to make a Halloween Make-up look which is an Anime ヤンデレ(yandere) Girl.

If you don't know what is yandere well here's a brief explanation of what is it:
*(chiefly Japanese fiction) A fictional character who fits the archetype of being genuinely romantic, loving, kind, merciful, sparing, sweet and gentle, but is at the same time brutal, psychotic or deranged in behavior. The psychotic tendency can be both sudden and ever-present. Often used for both comedic and dramatic displays of character.

And mostly you see it on anime's like:
Mirai Nikki
Elfen Lied
Hidan no Aria
Gift: Eternal Rainbow
Aku no Hana
Umineko no Naku Koro ni
School Days
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
And Many more...

You can check those if you're into yandere type of anime, but i must warn you that some of those are not for the weak-hearted 'cause most of it can get really crazy.. O_O Nevertheless i still think it's perfect for halloween and i wanted to be a bit original since most of the youtube make-up guru's already made disney princess,anime,dolls,animals,zombies etc kind of make-up tutorial for halloween. so i had an idea, Why not a anime yandere girl!
Not to mention i'm into yandere anime's (i'm weird, i know..) lol

Here's the look that i came up with, I'm not copying any specific anime yandere girl. I just want to achieve that  kawaii + creepy vibe.
*Close up look of the make-up*
Contact Lenses used: Left- Geo Eye's Cream RayRay Gray from: UNIQSO
Right- Geo Bella Brown.
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